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10 Most Popular Luxury Cars

Price & Compare Cars - 10 Most Popular Luxury Cars 
Content provided by J.D. Power

During economic boom times, luxury cars are more popular – especially those on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Last year, however, something remarkable happened when a new model not only became the most popular vehicle in the segment, but did so by more than doubling the sales of the second-ranked nameplate. This guide contains the 10 best-selling luxury cars in America. They’re listed in reverse order of sales popularity* from 10th most popular to the most popular.

  • 10) Acura TLX
    • Sized between traditional compact and midsize luxury cars, the Acura TLX is available with a 4-cylinder or a V6 engine, with front-wheel or torque-vectoring all-wheel drive. Acura offers Technology, A-Spec, and Advance option packages for the TLX, in addition to a variety of dealer-installed accessories.
  • 9) BMW 4 Series
    • Available in coupe, convertible, and Gran Coupe (5-door hatchback) body styles, the BMW 4 Series lineup comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine and rear- or all-wheel drive. The performance-tuned M4 is unavailable in Gran Coupe specification.
  • 8) Audi A4
    • When buying an Audi A4, you choose between a sedan or a station wagon body style, the latter known as the A4 Allroad. The A4 sedan is equipped with standard front-wheel drive, with all-wheel drive available as an option. The A4 Allroad includes AWD, and has a raised suspension for additional ground clearance. Trim packages include Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige, and the S4 variant swaps the standard turbocharged 4-cylinder for a turbocharged V6.
  • 7) Infiniti Q50
    • Infiniti’s entry-level sedan comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine and rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. Pure, Luxe, Sport, and performance-tuned Red Sport 400 trim levels are available, and most versions can be upgraded with comprehensive option packages.
  • 6) BMW 5 Series
    • Like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the BMW 5 Series is a midsize car. However, BMW offers just one body style: a 4-door sedan. Turbocharged 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and 8-cylinder engines are available, as well as a plug-in hybrid model. Most are rear-wheel drive with all-wheel drive optional. The M5 is a high-performance version of the car.
  • 5) BMW 3 Series
    • In its final year before a complete redesign, the BMW 3 Series was one of the most popular luxury cars in America. Available in sedan, 5-door Gran Turismo, and 5-door Sport Wagon body styles, the 3 Series lineup offered turbocharged 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. The M3 is a high-performance version of the sedan.
  • 4) Mercedes-Benz E-Class
    • You can get a Mercedes-Benz E-Class in just about any configuration you want. This car comes in coupe, convertible, sedan, and station wagon body styles, with or without all-wheel drive, and in several performance-tuned AMG-spec variants. This variety, combined with an array of paint, upholstery, trim, and options, makes it easy to find an E-Class that’s just right for you.
  • 3) Mercedes-Benz C-Class
    • Sold in coupe, convertible, and sedan body styles, the Mercedes C-Class features turbocharged 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and 8-cylinder engines. The standard C 300 versions have rear-wheel drive with 4Matic all-wheel drive available as an upgrade. Variants with AMG badges get standard 4Matic to handle their extra power and performance.
  • 2) Lexus ES
    • Priced relatively low but equipped with a big interior, the Lexus ES delivers a compelling combination of style and value. Redesigned for 2019, the ES features a V6 engine (ES 350) or a hybrid powertrain (ES 300h). Standard, Luxury, and Ultra Luxury trim levels are available, along with an F Sport version exclusive to the ES 350 model series.
  • 1) Tesla Model 3
    • An electric car with a 5-door hatchback configuration, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling luxury vehicle in America in 2018 – its first full year on sale. Prices start at $35,000 for a version with rear-wheel drive and 220 miles of range, increasing to $59,500 for an all-wheel-drive performance model with 310 miles of range. You order the car online, and if you don’t like it, Tesla says you can return it within seven days and 1,000 miles.

Original Source: JDPower.com (Christian Wardlaw - May 16, 2019)

How Automotive Consignment Works in 3 Easy Steps

Price & Compare Cars - How Automotive Consignment Works in 3 Easy Steps
Content provided by Retail My Ride

What is Auto Consignment?
Most people are familiar with the concept of using a local consignment shop to sell their used furniture, clothing, jewelry, art, etc. Take your items to the local shop and when they sell, you split the sale money with them. Automotive retail consignment is basically the same except you take your Auto, RV, or Motorcycle to an automotive "Consignment Pro." The term Consignment Pro is used here to mean a licensed, bonded, insured, state-approved motor vehicle dealer (dealership) that will market your Auto, RV, or Motorcycle for you alongside their vehicles and take a reasonable commission when it sells
Another helpful way to think of automotive Consignment Pros is like the common practice of hiring a real estate agent (professional) to sell your house for you.
The Consignment Pro will typically handle all aspects of inspecting, appraising, preparing, advertising and selling your vehicle, which is a rather large list and undertaking. The retail consignment sale option will always yield you more money than a trade-in or instant cash wholesale offer. Generally, retail consignment will even get you more than selling it yourself, but without all the hassles and dangers commonly experienced with the private sale option (especially since the arrival of COVID-19).
Each Consignment Pro offers a slightly different approach to consignment, but generally their compensation consists of a fee(s) or commission or some combination of fees (upfront enrollment) and commission (when your vehicle sells).
Automotive retail consignment is a simple, proven, and valuable selling option. Hand the keys to your local Consignment Pro then sit back and collect your money when it sells. It all starts with finding a Consignment Pro near you that specializes in selling your type of vehicle.

Three Easy Steps
  1. Step 1 - Find a Consignment Pro like Price & Compare Cars - Send your information to Price & Compare Cars through the Consignment page and one of our team members will get in touch with you quickly. 
  2. Step 2 - Drop Off your Vehicle - During your appointment, your Consignment Pro will complete: Vehicle inspection, appraisal and consultation on competitive market pricing, discuss/recommend any pre-sale reconditioning to maximize the resale value, and sign a consignment agreement.
  3. Step 3 - Site Back and Relax - Once your vehicle is enrolled in their program, your Consignment Pro will generally handle everything:
    • Prepare, Detail, and Recondition your vehicle
    • Photograph your vehicle
    • Advertise and list your vehicle on multiple websites for maximum exposure
    • Display and market your vehicle on their property
    • Supervise test drives (COVID-19 compliant)
    • Handle all negotiations with prospective buyers
    • Accept buyer trade-in to facilitate sale of your vehicle
    • Offer financing options to buyer if needed
    • Offer warranty products to the buyer if requested
    • Certify and guarantee buyer funds
Once your vehicle sells, your Consignment Pro will:
  • Pay off your outstanding loan and obtain title and lien release, if applicable 
  • Pay you the proceeds of sale as agreed, generally within 24-48 hours of funding 
  • Complete title transfer and registration process for you and the buyer

Original Source: RetailMyRide.com